My Story

At the moment of taking the very first steps to creating what would eventually become the first book in this series, William T. Lex is but an ordinary 4-year-old boy who has lived in a world of stories and adventures.
Creativity runs in my family, and my greatest delight has always been sharing the stories dancing in my head.

I am William T. Lex and this is my story.

I think the secret to my writing lies in the determination and courage of my characters and the fact that I don’t shy away from sharing and describing the most cherished thoughts and emotions that I have.

With help of my mummy and daddy, I am set to release a whole series of picture books straight from my imagination.

The combination of my imagination and the creativity of my parents has helped us achieve my parents’ goals and accomplish my little dream. With hard work, after 2 years, we have made our vision a reality.

With the most striking illustrations, this series is perfect for read-aloud sessions or an independent reading experience. The picture books are short stories, only 26-30 pages long.

Fun Moments

I love drawing, coloring, dancing, riding my bicycle and playing the piano.

I am a cheeky little monkey who loves showing off; but the mere sound of a fly will scare off my bravado!

I’m not too fond of spiders but I love dinosaurs – especially when an adventure comes knocking.

I also love spending time with animals and visiting the fish in the aquarium, which has allowed me to visualize my dreams and create different characters in my imaginative adventure.

If you haven’t discovered my beautiful world, then there is a treasure in store for you here.

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Don’t forget to check out our poems and songs.

If you haven’t discovered my beautiful and adventurous world, then there is a treasure in store for you here!

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Don’t forget to check out our poems and songs.

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