Book Series


Little Griffin Sky Adventures

Little Griffin Sky has a problem. She can’t fly.

With the help of her teacher, Dr. Dry, and an assist from a magic umbrella, Griffin Sky and her the kind doctor time travel to ancient Greece, where life is remarkably different and fascinating.

Salty Adventure

Around the corner...

Lost Dinosaur

In the process...

Ancient Greece Fiction Rhymes

Meet the friendly fantastical creatures from Greek Mythology who have helped Sky learn valuable lessons and dive into the world of Ancient Greece.

‘Flying Poems’ contains beautifully written poems and illustrations by award-winning artist. This series is perfect for read-aloud sessions or as an independent reading experience for beginners!

Read more about them in our storybook called “Flying with a Unicorn”. It is the first story of Sky’s daring adventures, with many more to come… 🙂

Salty Poems

Coming soon...

Lost Poems

Coming soon...

Sing along with your little ones.

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