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I am William T. Lex.

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Little Griffin Sky Adventures, Book 1

Flying with a Unicorn

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Meet the Author

Hi there,

The secret to my stories is my cheekiness and most cherished thoughts and emotions that I get to experience on a daily basis.
With help of my mummy and daddy, I am set to release a whole series of picture books …

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The following values guide us

  1. Fun

    The worst thing you will experience in my stories is FUN!!! The words are a charmingly madcap adventure that allows you to experience the best imagination. I will enable you not only to enjoy but experience joy in your reading journey.

  2. Creative

    Creativity requires inspiration. Mixing the imaginary world and everyday life has been the thrill to bring out the best in my stories. I am always a step ahead when it comes to bringing out exceptional thoughts and extra-ordinary experience.

  3. Connection

    My word is our bond. It's all I have. To live honestly is to be both vulnerable and powerful. It's a source of connection between my reader and myself. They can visualize my experience and relate to my feelings, as well.

  4. Informative

    My love for animals allows me to see silent features that I am persuaded to share with my fellow kids. Their two faces in which they are either calm or thrilling, are characters we can relate closely to in our day-to-day lives.

  5. Inspiring

    Inspiration comes by giving love, care and attention to people that matter to us. We care about you, and that's why we are careful in giving our very best. I create the best content to inspire you to the best you can be.

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